Health experts estimate that 37 million Americans (or 1 in 6 / 16.3%) are affected by rhinosinusitis every year. Health care providers report nearly 32 million cases of chronic rhinosinusitis to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention annually. It is more common than arthritis (12.47%), orthopedic impairment (12.14%), or hypertension (11.44%). Americans spend $5.8 billion each year on health care costs related to sinusitis.

While the microbiology of acute sinusitis has been well established, a search of the Western medical literature indicates that researchers disagree on what are the bacteria involved in causing chronic sinusitis. Some studies have shown that antibiotics can be effective at reducing and in some cases eliminating the associated symptoms.

Phage Therapy Center's Treatment of Rhinosinusitis

At Phage Therapy Center it is understood that a primary cause of chronic rhinosinusitis is the formation of colonies of multiple species of pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms called "biofilm". These complex mixtures of microbes (biofilms) typically resist the effects of antibiotics, which otherwise kill rapidly dividing planktonic bacteria of the same species.

Phage Therapy Center has developed a novel treatment protocol for rhinosinusitis that is currently available only at one of our clinics. Our treatment combines a number of unique Georgian medical technologies that include the use of bacteriophages with other medications.

The Phage Therapy Center treatment:

  • clears the microbial infection / biofilm;
  • provides immediate relief from chronic pain and fatigue;
  • shrinks polyps and opens the nasal passages -- without surgery; and
  • proves, and sometimes completely eliminates, the recurring allergy symptoms.

Treatment typically involves a very thorough medical examination and treatment at our out-patient clinic for ten consecutive days.

Note: Complete elimination of the allergy systems will require two additional treatments: one treatment within six months after the initial treatment; another ten years after the initial treatment.

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