Founded in 2004, Phage Therapy Center™ is the first clinic of its kind in the world. The original founders included scientists from both Eliava Insitute of Bacteriophage, Microbiology and Virology and Research Center for Medical Polymers and Biomaterials. The small startup was established to utilize a novel technology that incorporated bacteriophages into an amino acid based material that completely and safely bildegrades to a tissue absorbable elements over a chemically programmed, timed release. The product was called Phage Bioderm. Phage Bioderm provided an excellent result when used on patients with non-healing wounds and osteomyelitis. Phage Therapy Center was acquired by Phage International, Inc. - a US Company - in 2004. Many of the original founders remain stake holders in Phage International.

Phage Therapy Center Georgia, staffed by world leaders in phage therapy, provides a hands-on science based holistic approach to medicine; it is totally-comprehensive. During your treatment at our clinic, you can expect to be examined by several specialists, using a broad range of diagnostic techniques and technologies. They will "get to the bottom" of what is causing your illness.

Phage Therapy Center Georgia is a modern clinic meeting Western European standards. We employ experienced physicians and work with a large group of affiliated specialists.

Phage Therapy Center provides superior personal care and attention. The clinic is equipped with that latest state-of-the-art medical equipment necessary handle all of our out-patient treatment requirements.

Phage Therapy Center Georgia
4 D. Arakishvili I Lane
0179, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: (995-32) 291-6757

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