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The following is an estimate; costs may differ in your case, depending on the complexity of your condition:

  1. out-patient care: $4,000.00 - $6,000.00 US for one nosology, for example sinusitis
  2. $1,000.00 for each additional nosology
  3. If the infection is resistant to commercially available phages, there is an additional cost.

Phage Therapy is the therapeutic application of bacteriophage preparations by a trained physician. The above price approximations include the cost of the bacteriophage preparations.

Patients are responsible for all associated costs for additional medical services, specialists, laboratory tests, medications, surgeries, and hospitalization. Upon completion of the initial diagnosis or assessment, Phage Therapy Center will provide an estimate of treatment costs.

For situations where the patient's infection is resistant to standard production phage preparations: at the request of the patient, the laboratory will attempt to develop an "autophage" (see definition below). This is at additional cost to the patient. The cost is dependent on how long it takes the laboratory to create the custom phage preparation. The patient must pre-approve such laboratory research. Patients are notified if the infection is resistant immediately upon receiving the results of the initial laboratory test.