Phage Therapy Center offers treatment for patients from around the world with chronic infectious diseases that are resistant to antibiotics and other current therapies. The foundation of the clinic is based on our extensive experience in the application of Georgian phages for the surgical treatment of infections.

The treatment includes:

  • Bacteriological tests. We collect bacterial isolates and characterize species and strains of the infectious bacteria involved. We examine medical records and history of the patient and formulate an individual treatment program.

  • Selection of the appropriate bacteriophages that match the patient's infection.

  • Organization of the arrival trip. We help patients and accompanying persons to organize their trip to the clinic where treatment is administered. We can, if requested, advise and make reservations at a hotel that meets the patient's budget requirements; help with visas (where necessary). Help arrange for transportation to and from the airport, and between the hotel and clinic.

  • Performance of other appropriate medical procedures. We secure other medical services for the patients as required, including consultations with qualified doctors and other medical staff, appropriate surgical procedures (such as preparation of the wound site for administration of phages), and so forth.

  • Follow up with patient at the medical site. We monitor the progress of the patient’s condition during the application of phage therapy and prepare the patient for the return trip home.

  • Continued contact with patients in order to follow their progress.

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